Reparations for Survivors of Chicago Police Torture- TAKE ACTION

 The Reparations Ordinance for Chicago Police Torture Survivors is a proposed city council ordinance that seeks redress for victims of documented police torture under former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge.

WHEREAS, the City of Chicago acknowledges that former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge and detectives under his command systematically engaged in acts of torture, physical abuse and coercion of African American men and women at Area 2 and 3 Police Headquarters from 1972 through 1991; and

WHEREAS, the acts of torture committed by Burge and detectives under his command included electrically shocking individuals on their genitals, lips and ears with an electric shock box or cattle prod; suffocating individuals with plastic bags; subjecting individuals to mock  execution with guns; physical beatings with telephone books and rubber hoses; and other forms of physical and psychological abuse; and

WHEREAS, Burge and his men committed these acts of torture and abuse to extract confessions from the victims which were subsequently admitted against them in their criminal prosecutions resulting in their wrongful convictions; and

WHEREAS, these acts of torture, physical abuse and coercion violate state, federal and international law and such acts are universally condemned worldwide..”
—- Excerpt from the official text of the Reparations Ordinance. 

For the full text of the Reparations Ordinance: http://chicagotorture.org/#reparations

For FAQs on  Reparations Ordinance: http://chicagotorture.org/#blog-FAQ-Reparations-Ordinance

For more on Jon Burge: http://inthesetimes.com/article/17213/jon_burge_torture_chicago_has_not_paid_for_his_crimes

Among other demands, the Reparations Ordinance would require the city to administer financial reparations to all Burge torture survivors who are unable to sue for monetary damages because the statute of limitations for their claims has expired. The proposed ordinance would also provide all torture survivors and their families with tuition-free education at City Colleges; create a center on the South Side of Chicago that would provide psychological counseling, health care services and vocational training to those affected by law enforcement torture and abuse; require Chicago Public Schools to teach about these cases and sponsor the construction of public torture memorials. And it asks the city’s leaders to issue a formal apology to those who were tortured and their communities.  The ordinance currently has the support of 26 aldermen in Chicago as well as an array of organizations including Amnesty International.  We want to to pass the ordinance this winter- and we just need one more alderperson to support.



This Tuesday, December 16th, there is an important action in Chicago to raise visibility and also put pressure on Mayor Emanuel  to support this ordinance.

Please tell everyone you know to come and bring their friends.  If you can’t be there in person, please help us get the word out on social media and please make calls to Rahm’s office between noon and 5.

Brief summary of events: March at Noon, Memorial at City Hall at 2pm AND twitter storm 2pm-3pm, phone calls to Mayor’s office all day!!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/340660236117395/

Take Action:

1. Call your ward office & ask why your alderperson is not yet supporting the ordinance. Let them know 26 others already are.

2. Organize others in your ward to meet directly with your alderperson to let them know you want them to sign on as a co-sponsor.

3. If they still refuse to commit, organize creative actions in your ward to put pressure on them. Do it this month & in January.

4. Join discussion online #RahmRepNow.

List of aldermen that do not yet support the Reparations Ordinance:

Robert Fioretti (2nd)
Natasha Holmes (7th)
Michelle Harris (8th)
Anthony Beale (9th)
John Pope (10th)
James Balcer (11th)
George A. Cardenas (12th)
Marty Quinn (13th)
Ed Burke (14th)
JoAnn Thompson (16th)
Latasha Thompson (17th)
Matthew O’Shea (18th)
Michael Zalewski (23rd)
Deborah Graham (29th)
Ariel E. Rebroyras (30th)
Ray Suarez (31st)
Carrie Austin (34th)
Timothy M. Cullerton (38th)
Margaret Laurino (39th)
Patrick J. O’Connor (40th)
Mary O’Connor (41st)
Tom Tunney (44th)
Harry Osterman (48th)
Debra Silverstein (50th)

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