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October 22 – National Day of Action Against Police Brutality
9AM – Presentation of Report on CPD Violence, 800 S Halsted
5:30 PM – Press Availability with WCG Organizers, 3151 W Harrison
6:00 PM – Silent Protest Against Police Brutality, 3151 W Harrison

Oct 22: ‘We Charge Genocide’ Presents Report on Chicago Police Violence and Hosts Silent Protest on National Day of Action Against Police Brutality

Chicago organizers release report to the UN exposing ongoing, pervasive Chicago Police violations of the Convention Against Torture, as well as call for a protest at the 11th District Police Station, formerly run by disgraced Commander Glenn Evans.

CHICAGO 10/20– On October 22, a national day of action against police brutality, local organizers with We Charge Genocide (WCG) will release a report to the public detailing Chicago Police violence in marginalized communities and against youth of color.

The full report, We Charge Genocide: Police Violence Against Chicago’s Youth of Color is now available online at http://report.wechargegenocide.org/

We Charge Genocide: Police Violence Against Chicago’s Youth of Color contains data and personal narratives collected by WGC at events, using their online submission form, the #ChiCopWatch hashtag, as well as publicly available resources. The report also includes an infographic, Chicago Police Violence By The Numbers.

Key findings include:

  • From 2009 to 2013, although Black people comprised only 32.3% of Chicago’s overall population, 75% of police shooting victims were Black. Additionally, in the first six months of 2014, 23 of 27 people shot by the CPD were Black.
  • Between 2009 and 2011, 92% of Taser uses involved a Black or Latino target, including 49 youth under the age of 16 (with some as young as 8 years old).
  • Black youth accounted for 77% of the arrests of youth in 2011 and 79% in 2012. Latino youth accounted for most of the other arrests, i.e., 18% of these arrests in 2011 and 17% in 2012.
  • A brutality complaint is 94% less likely to be sustained in Chicago than in the nation as a whole: Only 0.48% of brutality complaints against the CPD are sustained (as opposed to 8% nationally).
  • Between 2002 and 2004, Chicago residents filed 10,149 complaints of excessive force, illegal searches, racial abuse, and false arrests against the CPD. Only 124 of these 10,149 complaints were sustained (1.2%), and a mere 19 cases (0.18%) resulted in any meaningful penalty (a suspension of a week or more)

The web companion to the report includes:

  • Mapping of police shootings by district
  • Data visualization of the racial component of police violence in Chicago
  • Data on City expenditures on officers with a large volume of misconduct complaints
  • Narrative portraits by local writers of police shooting victims, and one survivor
  • Original testimony of young Chicagoans speaking to their experiences with police violence
  • Excerpts from the UN report

9 AM Presentation Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/393181967499789/

The report shows that CPD actions violate the United Nations (UN) Conventions Against Torture. The presentation will take place at 9 am at Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, 800 S Halsted St, Chicago.

6 PM Protest Facebook Eventhttps://www.facebook.com/events/1487848628144241/

Later that day, at 5:30 pm, WCG organizers who will travel to the UN to present the report will be available for interviews before a 6:00 pm silent protest at the 11th District Police Station, at 3151 W Harrison. The 11th District is a hotbed of police brutality. Recently, the Commander of the station, Glenn Evans, was accused of putting his gun into a suspect’s mouth. Brutality lawsuits against Evans alone have cost taxpayers nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

We Charge Genocide Demands for National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality
(inspired by #BlackLivesMatter demands)

1. We call for a decrease in CPD spending and a reinvestment of that budgeted money into the black communities most devastated by poverty in order to create jobs, housing and schools. This money should be redirected to those city departments charged with providing employment, housing and educational services.

2. We demand reparations for the survivors and victims of Chicago Police Torture

3. We demand that the federal government discontinue its supply of military weaponry and equipment to local law enforcement including the Chicago Police Department.

4. We demand that the CPD answer the questions that we have posed in the interest of transparency and accountability: cpdquestions.tumblr.com

5. We call on the CPD to release the names of all officers involved in killing Roshad McIntosh.

In November WCG, will send eight organizers to present a report on Chicago Police violence to the United Nations Committee Against Torture at their 53rd Session in Geneva, Switzerland, during which the U.S. will be under review. With widespread community support, the group raised over $20,500 via online fundraiser and a series of fundraising dinners. Because of the generosity of people in Chicago and around the country, WCG has added two additional organizers to the Geneva delegation.We Charge Genocide is volunteer-run by Chicago residents concerned that the epidemic of police violence continues uninterrupted in Chicago and who seek to equip individuals across the city with tools to more proactively hold police accountable. The name We Charge Genocide comes from a petition filed to the United Nations in 1951, which documented 153 racial killings and other human rights abuses, mostly by the police.

Press Kit with bios, FAQ sheet and images for media use. Please credit We Charge Genocide: http://bit.ly/1okIZQI